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Server Member List

This is the complete list of members for Server, including all inherited members.

add_port(unsigned short port)Server [inline]
attempting_to_connect(void)Server [inline]
connection_lost(void)Server [inline]
delete_port(unsigned short port)Server [inline]
find_port(unsigned short port) const Server [inline]
get_irc_name(void) const Server [inline]
hostname(void) const Server [inline]
last_connection_event(void) const Server [inline]
M_default_portServer [private]
M_hostnameServer [private]
M_irc_nameServer [private]
M_last_connection_eventServer [private]
M_networkServer [private]
M_next_portServer [private]
M_portServer [private]
M_portsServer [private]
M_versionServer [private]
M_vhostServer [private]
network(void) const Server [inline]
network(void)Server [inline]
next_port(void) const Server [inline]
port(void) const Server [inline]
ports(void) const Server [inline]
ports_type typedefServer
random_port(void) const Server
S_last_connection_event_initServer [private, static]
serialize(PersistXML &xml)Server
Server(Network &network, std::string const &hostname, unsigned short port, struct in_addr vhost)Server [inline]
Server(void)Server [inline]
Server(Server const &server)Server [inline]
set_irc_name(std::string const &irc_name)Server [inline]
set_network(Network *network)Server [inline]
set_next_port(unsigned short next_port)Server [inline]
set_port(unsigned short port)Server [inline]
version(void) const Server [inline]
version(void)Server [inline]
vhost(void)Server [inline]
vhost(void) const Server [inline]

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