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Network Member List

This is the complete list of members for Network, including all inherited members.

char_to_flag(char who_flag) const Network
domain(void) const Network [inline]
flag_to_char(who_flags_type maskbit) const Network
has_domain(void) const Network [inline]
init_who_flag_table(std::string const &umodes, std::string prefix)Network
is_private(void) const Network [inline]
M_domainNetwork [private]
M_nameNetwork [private]
M_privateNetwork [private]
M_serversNetwork [private]
M_targetsNetwork [private]
M_who_flag_vectorNetwork [private]
name(void) const Network [inline]
Network(void)Network [inline]
Network(std::string const &name, bool priv=false)Network [inline]
Network(std::string const &name, std::string const &domain, bool priv=false)Network [inline]
serialize(PersistXML &xml)Network
servers(void) const Network [inline]
servers(void)Network [inline]
servers_type typedefNetwork
targets(void) const Network [inline]
targets(void)Network [inline]
who_flag_vector_type typedefNetwork
who_flags_type typedefNetwork

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