test::ChessPosition Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

ArrayCode< BitBoardM_bitboards
 Bitboards reflecting the current position.
ArrayIndex< PieceM_pieces
 A piece per square. The index of the array is an Index.
ArrayColor< BitBoardM_attackers
 Bitboards for squares of enemy pieces on the same line as the king and all squares in between.
ArrayColor< BitBoardM_pinning
 Squares between attacker and king for actually pinned pieces (including attacker).
ArrayColor< CountBoardM_defended
 The number times a square is defended.
ArrayColor< uint8_t > M_king_battery_attack_count
 The number of times that a king is 'attacked' by pieces behind another attacker.
uint16_t M_full_move_number
 The number of the full move. It starts at 1, and is incremented after Black's move.
uint8_t M_half_move_clock
 Number of half moves since the last pawn advance or capture.
CastleFlags M_castle_flags
 Whether black and white may castle long or short.
Color M_to_move
 The active color.
EnPassant M_en_passant
 A pawn that can be taken en passant, or zeroed if none such pawn exists.
bool M_double_check
 Cached value of wether or not M_to_move is in double check.

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