cwchess::CodeData Struct Reference

The POD base type of class Code. More...

#include <Code.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t M_bits
 0000CTTT, where C is the color and TTT the type.

Detailed Description

The POD base type of class Code.

This class represents a chess piece, either pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen or king, and it's color, white or black.

See ColorData and TypeData for the encoding of the bits.

See also:
Code, white_pawn, white_rook, white_knight, white_bishop, white_queen, white_king, black_pawn, black_rook, black_knight, black_bishop, black_queen, black_king

In order to refer to 'nothing', use the default constructor Code().

Definition at line 49 of file Code.h.

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