Code.h File Reference

This file contains the declaration of class Code. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "Color.h"
#include "Type.h"
#include "Direction.h"
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struct  cwchess::CodeData
 The POD base type of class Code. More...
class  cwchess::Code
 A chess piece type including color. More...


namespace  cwchess

A namespace for all chess related objects that are not related to the GUI.


typedef uint16_t cwchess::CwChessboardCode


bool cwchess::operator== (CodeData c1, CodeData c2)
bool cwchess::operator!= (CodeData c1, CodeData c2)


CodeData const cwchess::white_pawn = { white_bits | pawn_bits }
 A constant representing a white pawn.
CodeData const cwchess::white_rook = { white_bits | rook_bits }
 A constant representing a white rook.
CodeData const cwchess::white_knight = { white_bits | knight_bits }
 A constant representing a white knight.
CodeData const cwchess::white_bishop = { white_bits | bishop_bits }
 A constant representing a white bishop.
CodeData const cwchess::white_queen = { white_bits | queen_bits }
 A constant representing a white queen.
CodeData const cwchess::white_king = { white_bits | king_bits }
 A constant representing a white king.
CodeData const cwchess::black_pawn = { black_bits | pawn_bits }
 A constant representing a black pawn.
CodeData const cwchess::black_rook = { black_bits | rook_bits }
 A constant representing a black rook;.
CodeData const cwchess::black_knight = { black_bits | knight_bits }
 A constant representing a black knight;.
CodeData const cwchess::black_bishop = { black_bits | bishop_bits }
 A constant representing a black bishop;.
CodeData const cwchess::black_queen = { black_bits | queen_bits }
 A constant representing a black queen;.
CodeData const cwchess::black_king = { black_bits | king_bits }
 A constant representing a black king;.

Detailed Description

This file contains the declaration of class Code.

Definition in file Code.h.

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